Foreign trade

  • Tavilo is one of the leading industrial establishments of our country with its 25-year history and the foundations of which were laid in 1993. As a company, we are in a leading position in the sector throughout the country, with the contribution of our innovative approaches in quality, service and marketing.

    As Tavilo Foreign Trade, we are on the way to become a world brand with the exports we have made to 45 countries around the world and the new markets we have entered. We want to expand our sustainable export network in parallel with our production capacity and to exist in new markets with our understanding of qualified service. We direct our efforts to achieve our goals in the international arena with our high quality products, and our understanding of service during and after sales. Our participation in national and international fairs is another important step we have taken in order to pave the way for the sector and draw attention to us.

    Thanks to our R & D investments, we will continue to offer the new products we have brought to our country and their advantages to the service of the sector in the coming years.


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